Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back at the Wheel

It had been about four weeks since I'd thrown, so I was a bit nervous about demonstrating this past week. It was, just how they say, like getting back on the bicycle. Surprisingly, I felt really confident in my throwing skills after not touching clay for a few weeks. I threw a cylinder for my demo in each class and then altered it by squaring it off and adding handles and coil feet. Some of my students tried the technique right away, which always makes me feel good. The demo was warmly recieved and now I have a bunch of pots to finish. This week, I have a slab project planned. Tomorrow I will try to figure out how to make this vision I have in my head...hmmmm, we'll see!
PS..It's now a few weeks later and I've finished these pots. Here are the pictures!

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