Monday, April 14, 2008

Leather Purse Demonstration

This past week I demonstrated how to make a leather handbag/purse out of clay. I was surprised how excited my students were about this process and also how a good number of them actually tried to make one immediately afterwards. It was a huge success. It's rare to be able to all within 2 hours demonstate a technique and have time for students to actually complete a project.(TIP: No scoring required as long as very soft clay was used. All parts that came together were moistened with a little water and firmly pressed together) I varied the claybodies I different types of leather, each one has it's own unique look. My student Misako brought her camera and shot these pics during the demo. This week I'll do a variation on this technique and also teach lids and covered jars.

PS It's several weeks later and I've added a picture of the some of the finished purses. Especially love the dark clay ones!

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marie said...

Your leather purse is truly lovely!