Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding Fever

Well, I'm going to apologize to my students right now for not being in my right mind for the next month and a half. My son and fiance are getting married on August 16 and we are in the midst of the preparations. I have offered my pottery skills to help defray the expenses that keep adding up and am glad to do so. So far, I've made the wedding keepsake momentos (140 in all) that guests will be taking with them. They are porcelain hearts that will be attached to a pretty paper with a verse written on it. I've also made mugs for the attendants. The bridesmaids are getting personalized coffee cups with their first names imprinted on them. The groomsmen will have their initials stamped on their coffee cups in a more masculine style. I'm also making all of the flower pots for the reception tables - 12 in all. I have only 3 finished and plan on getting those done within the next week. Here are pics of the things I've finished. Not pictured yet are the flower pots I made for all of the reception tables. I'll add those after the wedding. Students, if I seem a little preoccupied, bear with's only temporary! :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pottery Class Pizza Party!!

We had such fun at our last Thursday morning class of the Spring session. We were all invited up to Jennaro's house for fabulous homemade (from scratch) pizza! He stayed home that morning to prepare for us and when we all arrived the dough was sitting there patiently awaiting our eager hands. He had prepared all the toppings and all we had to do was put them together and hand them off to him. He popped them in the oven and out came the most delicious pizza I've had in years! A wonderfully fun time was had by all and I so appreciate Jennaro and Bobbie's hospitality and for opening up their home to us mudders!! Here are some pictures to enjoy thanks to Doris!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Before and After

Off to Florida in a few days, but I wanted to share the results of my paper resist technique. To glaze these pieces, I covered the outside with a thin layer of transparent glaze, just enough to give the surface a nice sheen but still allow the stain and texture to be seen clearly. The inside of these pots were glazed with Flambe blue and the rims dipped in Castille blue, a very nice contrast I thought. Holly's lorikeet, Missy, posed with these finished pots! I thought the color on the rims almost matched the blue in Missy's feathers!