Saturday, October 25, 2008

WOOD You Believe This??

I recently purchased a pottery tool called 'The Steve Tool'. It makes fabulous texture on the surface of your wheel thrown pot and I wanted to show you my favorite pot from a group of pots I made using this ingenious device. Doesn't the surface look like the bark on a tree? Steve, whoever you are, YOU are a genious! and I thank you!

Mug Shot

Mugs are some of the most common objects potters make. They can be made in all different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be extremely funky or very traditional in form. Recently, I've made a few and I'd like to share them here with you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pumpkin Season

I've been on hiatus from blogging due to a schedule that's been relentless, but I thought it was time to give everyone a clay update! As many of you know, I love making pottery pumpkins. I've been creating these for years and I just 'harvested' a new batch a few weeks ago. I make these on the pottery wheel and they begin as hollow spheres. I add the detail and alter them until I'm satisfied that they somewhat resemble what you'd see in the pumpkin patch. This year I also made some pumpkin pin jewelry. These came about rather unexpectedly when I was trying to come up with a new textured handle. At one point, I saw that the texture reminded me of the ridges in a pumpkin and began making miniature ones. I had so much fun creating these that before I knew it, I had made a slew of them. Serendipity! That's what I love about working with clay and leaving yourself open for discovery. Here are my latest pumpkin creations....