Friday, May 9, 2008

Textured Slab Project

This week I brought to class a sheet of plexiglass that had been discarded at my husbands work (He's a model maker). He brought it home a few weeks ago and asked if I could use it. I thought it might make an interesting impression in clay since it had all these circles cut out of it and so I decided to do an impromptu textured slab project with my classes. What fun it was! I brought to class my huge collection of texture tools along with the plexi sheet for my students to play with and here are some pictures of the resulting projects. As you can see, the grid-like texture was just a springboard for more elaborate designs. I kept thinking...less is more..and had to force myself to stop added texture to each piece. I'm thinking of making some more cylinders with this texture technique.

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maidofclay said...

Hi Barb - How fun that you've started a blog! It's like taking your class without paying the CAC fees :-D Looking forward to seeing more!