Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finishing Up

We're entering the last week of classes at CAC and everyone, myself included, has been glazing and finishing projects from this spring session. It's been a great session and it's hard to believe it's coming to a close. I just wanted to show you some of my finished/glazed pieces that have been featured in my most recent posts. I'm very happy with most of the results and am inspired to follow up on some of the techniques I've shown. That's the way it works with me, one thing leads to another and I'm off again on some creative journey. Lately, I've been overwhelmed with new ideas and wish I had the time to investigate!! Anyway, here are some of my finished projects from the spring session.

P.S.I'm off to Florida on June 7 to visit my mom and looking forward to that.

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A New Creation said...

so fun!! i love it! the bottom one looks like a marble ice's making me hungry! lol