Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Juicer Demo

The first week back to class for the summer session and I began with a demonstration on how to make a juicer. What I really like about this design is that it has a catch bowl to collect the juice, a built in strainer, and a spout for pouring. I've seen them before, but I've never attempted one like this so I just had to do it!
First, I threw the juicer part which is hollow and made sure I made a little reservoir for the juice and seeds to collect. I measured carefully with my calipers the diameter of the lip of the juicer top. I then threw the bowl shape with a 'gallery' to hold the juicer making sure the measurement was accurate for a tight fit. I finished it off by trimming the underside of the juicer part when it was leather hard, carving the grooves in the dome shape, and drilling holes in the bottom curve to enable the juice to drain out and hopefully leave the seeds behind! I added a handle and spout to the bowl. Both the spout and handle were made from slabs and scored and attached in place. A section from the side of the bowl was cut out to enable the juice to pour from the bowl. Here are the step by step pictures. Will be using this in a few months when there are lemons galore!! A huge thank you to Norma for taking some great pictures!

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Alina Hayes said...

Because I am not able to take your class at burbank, these pictures are a treat for me. You take such great care with your pottery and all the little details. I am going to give this juicer a whirl. See what happens :) -Alina